Tuesday, 26 October 2021
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The olives coming in of the olive mill are first washed,
an automatic extraction system removed the leaves, and then
they are weighed. They then transported to be in the
Mill, where they are ground up into a mush. This porridge is
transported in the press, and there is by means of centrifugal system
The oil flows now into the second centrifuge, in which amniotic fluid and oil
separated are, and the pure olive oil of the Tsounaten flows into the
provided stainless steel tank. The fresh olive oil is then immediately
controls on the existing levels of acidity.

Why we this centrifugal system of the a hydraulic pressure
prefer: with this modern technology, we can in a short time
more olives at consistent quality compared with a
hydraulic pressing process that eventually awaits the nature
with age, is not free up the necessary capacity of the machine. It
is especially important for the quality of the olive oil, the time between
Harvest and the pressing process as short as possible.

The entire production facility was already on the stand
EU regulations, which will come into force in the next few years,


You will find again every Friday from 8-13:00 in Linz on the town square (farmer's market) us, Friday afternoon from 14:30 18:00 in Ottensheim on Pfarrplatz (farmer's market) and Saturday from 08:00 12:00 on the main square in Freistadt(Bauernmarkt) and in some shops, and through our online-shop

Koumadorakis olive oil Crete

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